Meet the On-Campus Recruitment Team

Thank you for your interest in visiting Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi! To ensure that you leave campus with all of your questions answered, admissions and financial aid staff are happy to meet with you to discuss your applications, status, and more. Our outreach recruiters and advisors also visit numerous Texas high schools and two-year institutions throughout the year to participate in academic seminars and college day/night programs.

Contact the Islander Welcome Center by calling 361.825.8687(TOUR) or email

Edrick Ellis '12, '15
Admissions Counselor
Cell: 361.779.5742
Sophia Zaner '17
Admissions Counselor
Office: 361.825.2249
Cell: 361.851.7866
Rene Zamora '14
Coordinator, Recruitment
Office: 361.825.2820
Loida Gonzalez Utley
Transfer Recruitment
Office: 361.825.2292
Cell: 361.236.5707
Maggie Cano
Graduate Recruitment
Office: 361.825.3496
Cell: 361.857.4096
Robert Benavides 
Graduate Recruitment
Cell: 361.236.5807


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